Saturday, November 6, 2010

I want a snow storm...

I'm a firm believer that holidays should be celebrated one at a time, hence you'll hear no talk of mistletoe and garlands from me until after Thanksgiving Day. It's far too early for Christmas wish lists, but I am hoping for a snow storm or two this November.

Why? As much as bundling up for the elements seems like a chore, it will always inspire a sense of adventure in me. There's something about donning several layers of your warmest wool sweaters, long underwear, and water-proof gloves (trust me, always water-proof, your fingers will thank you after a snowball fight) that is analogous to an explorer gearing up to trek uncharted territories. Even if in a white-out blizzard the discovery only culminates in finding the end of your driveway, there's a sense of accomplishment that clearly necessitates a post-excursion victory celebration with plenty of hot chocolate.

When I saw this hat on InStyle's list of Hottest Accessories Under $100, I was instantly smitten. It reminds me of a hat I borrowed last winter (and sadly returned to its owner...). First, it amazingly didn't mess up my hair the way many beanies do. Second, it was lined with fleece which made it incredibly warm and functional. While InStyle considered this a fall accessory, it's definitely an investment for this winter.

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