Monday, November 22, 2010

Sleeping in a Ballgown Room

If I ever find myself in Milan, I'm visiting Viale Monte Grappa 12. The main attraction is the site of the old train station which has been reinterpreted by the creative genius of Moschino to become Maison Moschino.

Life is a Bed of Roses
The 65 room hotel is described as a "visionary and contemporary fairy tale." The rooms have surreal themes from the Alice in Wonderland themed "Alice's Room" to the whimsical "Luxurious Attic".

Sleeping in a Ballgown

My personal favorite is the "Sleeping in a Ballgown" room. I love the playfulness of the giant ballgown headboard, and the luxurious cream color. There's no better way to drift off to sleep than feeling like you've just returned from a fairy tale ball.

Luxurious Attic
Even the hotel's website is inspiring. There's a short movie clip that shows off the fantastic decor and luxury that epitomizes the Moschino brand. Maison Moschino's not just a hotel, but an exemplary example of creative design.

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gilda @ RightyRightyRight said...

this is one place i seriously want to visit!!! i've seen so many pictures on so many blogs but i still can't get enough.