Wednesday, October 27, 2010

State Pride

While procrastinating writing a paper, I decided to browse Etsy, a community marketplace of way too many adorable crafted and re-sold goods.

Of course, as this paper centers around the respective rights of states and the federal government, I found myself browsing state charm necklaces. While this has no academic benefit, it's been a great study break!

One of my favorites is the aptly named "Teensy State Charm Necklace." It really is tiny; the charm is just under the width of a finger. I also like that the state's name is stamped on the charm. Coupled with the delicate chain, it adds a sweet touch to the final product.

I'm a fan of the mismatched metals in these "Home is Where the Heart is" necklaces. There's a certain folksy aspect to them that gives the air of a wonderful back story. The heart also rounds out the cute metaphor of the piece's name.

These necklaces would make a touching gift for someone moving away from home (college students especially) as they serve as a wonderful reminder of the special place we call our home state.

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