Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cheery Coats

It's no secret yellow is my favorite color. It's full of light and energy, and can brighten up any ensemble. While the yellow rain jacket and boots are classics, I think yellow outwear can be interpreted more broadly to include all styles of this cheery hue.

When it comes to toggled coats, this JCrew version is stunning. Unfortunately, so is the $495 price tag.

On the wallet friendlier side of the spectrum, this Old Navy coat is adorable (and $69.50)

This JCrew take on a peacoat is divine. I love detailed construction in the princess seaming and waistband ($245).

I love the brightness of this shade of yellow and the shiny buttons (Apt. 9, $120).

If you're unsure about wearing yellow all the time, a less expensive version, like this BP coat for $68, is the answer.

I think it would be nearly impossible to sport such a sunny piece and be gloomy, even in the chilliest weather.

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