Sunday, November 14, 2010


I'm expecting a snow storm or two when I go home for Thanksgiving (only a few weeks away!). Of course, chilly weather is best braved with warm accessories. Today: mittens!

I'm especially a fan of convertible mittens because they really do provide the best of both worlds. Your fingers are still touching, so they can share heat. But should the need arise for more dexterity, you can simply bear the cold for a few seconds. Also, if you have any touch screen device (phone, iPod, etc), trying to work it with gloves or regular mittens is an exercise in futility.

I really love the print on this Aerie pair. The white might be troublesome to keep clean, but you could easily toss these in the wash.
The unexpected mix of warm colors on this pair from Old Navy would cheer up even the bitterest of cold days.

This Fred Flare pair has such a lovely pink color. Definitely perfect for anyone with a girly side.

Finally, the length of these WINK gloves makes them especially elegant, not to mention extra cozy.

Stay warm!

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