Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mastering Marzipan

Rabbit rabbit! I can't believe it's February already. January always seems to fly by, perhaps because after the hustle of the holiday season in sets the exhaustion. By the time we've recovered and garnered the motivation to get back to our old, productive selves, well, the month's over!

Speaking of animals, I saw these adorable elephants on the Metrocurean blog today. As with most things from Dean & Deluca, they'll only be admired from afar. It is nice, however,  to see a less typical motif employed for something so Valentine's Day related. As cute as they are, bears with hearts are extremely overdone. Elephants are known for their exceptional memory span and I'm a big fan of Dean & Deluca's urge to "let someone special know that—like an elephant—you'll never forget them." It's a fresh and witty take on the holiday.
Until then, it looks like I'll have to add "mastering marzipan" to my bucket list.

Image via Dean & Deluca

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