Saturday, February 19, 2011

Outfit Inspiration: Florals and Belts

Sometimes I draw inspiration from entire outfits. And sometimes it's just a little segment that captures my attention and immediately results in a "Could I recreate that?" internal dialogue.

I'm not much of a belt person, unfortunately. I think they look amazing on others, and I'm always trying to tie them around outfits, only to pull them off after my unsuccessful attempts to style them. I always find the belt is either too large and won't stay around my waist, and when I try to move it to my hips it just draws unflattering attention to the area. Downfall of being slightly pear shaped I suppose. I do like how the blouse is loosely tucked in here. I think it prevents the belt from drawing too much attention, which might be just the solution. I also love the rolled sleeves. I often roll the sleeves on plaid and striped button downs, but perhaps because of this floral print, this particular iteration is very fresh.

Let the experiments begin :)

Image via Weheartit

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