Thursday, February 3, 2011

Straw Hats

I'll be honest, when I think of straw hats, I immediately imagine a cowboy hat. Blame it on growing up in a state where people own Stetsons for reasons beyond costume parties...

I've posted before about my love of hats and wish that they would become more common in everyday wear. Plenty of functional hats abound this time of year as they make snowstorms and rough winds slightly more bearable. While chilly weather reminds us that spring is still quite a ways away, I'm already dreaming of warm weather ensembles including hats. I came across this image, and the pale colors immediately set me on a straw hat tangent:

Of course, this immediately made me think of straw boaters and their particular prominence in fashion. Confused? Coco Chanel began her fashion empire not with the LBD, but with straw boaters. Chanel disliked the gaudy, extravagant hats of the turn of the century and trimmed simple straw boaters with ribbon as an alternative. Her hats quickly gained a following (no wonder, who really wants to carry a large, elaborate hat around on their head all day when a chic boater would do?) and Chanel's fashion empire was on its way.


This spring, I think I'll pay a small tribute to the legend that was Chanel and sport a trimmed boater. Of course, wearing it in Paris would be even better...


Now if only it were sunny enough to warrant such toppers. Until then, hats off to you, Coco. 

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