Thursday, February 17, 2011

Girls Night Out

Trying on dozens of outfits, pouring over which shoes will maximize style with minimal discomfort, soliciting texts about whether shimmery eyeshadow is too much... and that's just getting ready.

Rachel Roy captures the spirit of the evening adventures of a trio of female friends in her video "Girls Night Out." The animation is both quirky and fun, exactly what a night out with friends should be.

Some girls night out essentials:
  • A crossbody bag (or clutch) just big enough for the essentials: phone, credit card/cash, and lip gloss.
  • A camera to document the evening's shenanigans.
  • An outfit that makes you feel pretty and a little rebellious.
  • Shoes that make you smile.
  • Over the top accessories.
  • Amazing friends.

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