Monday, February 28, 2011

Mary Katrantzou Fall 2011

One of my favorite collections from London Fashion Week was Mary Katrantzou's incredible rendition of prints. Her collection was once again inspired by interior decor, though this time it felt as if Katrantzou had picked up the objects, ranging from Fabergé eggs to Ming vases, and magically turned them into fabric. While a stiff silhouette prevailed throughout most of the show, softer fabrics made a debut. Above all, the focus was on the vibrant prints, which transfixed my attention from the first to last look.

 I love the soft, but vibrant colors, and the couture shapes.

 The skirts of these two looks are a bit more wearable in their fluidity. The sleeves of the top are a nice touch, adding a note of femininity while emphasizing the structure of the collection.

For good measure, the New York Times described it as "an object lesson in inspiration.... Rising designers always have a “breakthrough” moment — and this was the season when the designer’s sculptural vision created a collection of startling beauty." All in all, a gorgeous collection that definitely was a standout of London Fashion Week.

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