Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Silk Scarves and Shirts

Yesterday I spent the afternoon exploring/poking around a few markets and when not overly distracted by the incredible smells of the food stalls, found all sorts of inspiration. There were a fair number of stalls selling vintage and vintage-inspired clothing. They ranged from racks of bargain sweaters and 80s dresses to well curated collections of lace blouses and leather belts.

One of my favorites included a simple rack of collared shirts, which I initially passed over. On second glance, each oxford had a coordinated silk scarf tied around the neck. The effect of the fully buttoned shirt coupled with the scarf reminded me a bit of a school uniform, but with a more sophisticated edge. Unfortunately, I couldn't take pictures of the stall and its contents, though I'm now on a quest to find some cheery scarves to try the look out for myself this spring.

D&G showed a similar sort of styling in their Fall 2010 collection. The black and white palette could easily be updated for spring with a bright colored button down and scarf. Here, the models sported silk scarves tied into bows, but the ends could also be left undone for a different look. I love how scarves can inject so much personality into a look. From sophisticated florals to playful polka dots, chic geometric designs to whimsical animal prints, the simple accessory can add so much depth to an outfit.

Images via Style.com

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