Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Summer Workouts

I've been home from college for less than a week, and already I'm starting to miss the little things. From my friends to a stroll across the front lawns, there are a few things impossible to replicate at home. I'm even growing nostalgic for little things, like grabbing iced coffee exactly ten minutes before class and my trademark salad in the dining hall.

The other thing I miss: the gym. One perk of my summer job is that I have free access to the on campus gym, but in the next few weeks until that starts, I've been finding other ways to get in some exercise. All of this can be done in your backyard (substitute jumping jacks or jump rope for cardio), inside near a treadmill, or by an outdoor track. I'm a fan of circuits because they keep my heart rate up, even when I'm doing strengthening exercises. Here's a sample:
  • Warm up: 15 minutes running (outside if it's nice, treadmill if it's raining)
  • Ab work (crunches, mountain climbers, etc.)
  • 5 minutes of running
  • Planks, push ups
  • 5 minutes of running
  • Lunges
  • Cool down: 10 minutes of jogging
You can easily add more or less exercises depending on the length of your ideal workout. Sometimes I'll add a longer run at the beginning of the workout, and other times I'll add strengthening exercises with weights. Mix it up and you'll be surprised how quickly the time flies!

P.S. The shoe is the Women's New Balance 902. I love the bright color, though the price is a bit steep. A girl can dream...

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Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan of circuit workouts. Less time to get bored and better results.