Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Every once in a while, I meet a trend that is hard to incorporate subtly. Usually, if a trend is a bit much, I'll just incorporate it as an accessory, for example: animal prints, leather, metallic.

Rompers, however, pose a more difficult task. There's really no way to wear a piece of clothing without wearing, well, the entire piece. While I think they'd ultimately be flattering (my legs are probably my best physical asset), I can't help but fixate on the childish vibe of the piece.

It might just be a matter of finding the right romper (alliteration anyone?). A strapless number would lend a more mature edge while throwing on a cardigan and wedges would give it a more sophisticated air. A darker, more subdued color, like the pictured version from Tilly, would also do the trick. Happy shopping!

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