Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Presented Like a Present

When it comes to Christmas gifts, I think packaging is just as important as the contents. That's not to say that it is more important, as obviously an intricately wrapped empty box is just that - an empty box. However, I do think that the little extra thought that goes into picking a lovely paper and coordinating ribbon and creating a personalized tag really adds a nice element to the gift.

With shopping in full swing, I've had bows and ribbons on the mind. When I came across this image, I instantly was smitten. The delicate bow and coordinating nail polish come together to form a beautiful picture.

While it would be pretty simple to whip up a version with a little ribbon and an old ring, I like the polish and durability of the following rings as well:

1. Charlotte Russe, $4. 2. Charlotte Russe, $7. 3. Coach, $68 (I posted about the matching bangle earlier).

Image via weheartit.

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