Monday, December 13, 2010

The Basic Shoes

If money were no object, most women would give Imelda Marcos's shoe collection a run for its money. However, many of us live on a budget, and splurging on shoes is not the most practical of activities. As I continue to pare down my wardrobe in preparation for next semester, I've had to ruminate on what constitutes the "essential" shoe collection for a college girl.

Professional Flats
These are indispensible for work, internships, interviews, and the like. Mine are a pair of black, patent leather flats with a rubber sole. I can walk hours in them comfortably, don't worry about slipping on tiled floors, and they go with all sorts of dress pants and skirts.

Sneakers and/or Comfortable Day Shoes
Depending on your activity level, these might be more casual (like Converse) or girly (ballet flats). The idea is this is your daily go-to shoe. These are the sort of shoes you could wear as a tourist; comfort is key. A more casual version is great for class and daytime exploring, while a dressier flat does double duty for dinners and dates.

Dress Shoes
These are your shoes for going out with friends, attending parties, etc. This is your chance to grab a pair of trendier shoes. Since you don't wear them as much, you won't tire of a bright color or interesting material. If you love heels, this is a great spot to incorporate them into your wardrobe, but for those more inclined to wear flats there are plenty of great options.

Flat Boots
These become indispensable in the winter months. A nice pair of riding boots can be worn day and night. Paired with cozy socks, snow storms seem less threatening, and they can also be waterproofed if you're worried about the occasional rainstorm. They look great with tucked in jeans, tights and skirts, and even leggings and a tunic top.

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