Friday, December 17, 2010

Leather Gloves

As much as I love my convertible mittens (or glittens as my friends refer to them), I felt a little silly wearing them with a business casual outfit. Of course, as it was thirty something degrees outside, not wearing gloves was far from a reasonable option. Instead, the quest begins for a pair of the glitten's slightly classier relative, the leather glove.

Of course, settling on a color may very well take me through the end of winter, rendering the process rather useless. Here are some of my favorites.

Classic neutrals for my more conservative half:
1. Lord & Taylor, $40. 2. Portolano, $50. 3. Preston & York, $27.

Brightly colored and detailed pairs for my youthful side:
 1. ASOS, $19. 2. ASOS, $28. 3. Preston & York, $34.

After compiling my favorites, I realized I inadvertently picked stop light colors. No matter. I'll just use it as a corny pun: perhaps these gloves will stop traffic? ;)

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