Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I am smitten...

In an interesting twist on econo-chic, Marisa Lynch of New Dress a Day set herself up with a mighty challenge. Create 365 outfits in as many days for, get this, a dollar an outfit.

Anyone who's stepped foot inside a fabric shop knows even the remnants will run you a dollar or two a yard. Her secret? Salvaging fashion disasters from secondhand shops and garage sales. I suppose that also qualifies her for an eco-chic award (among many, many others).
Lynch cites the film Julie & Julia as her inspiration to harness daily creativity after being laid off from her job. Lucky for us, like Julie Powell, she choose to document her endeavors on a daily blog completed by before, after, and during photos.
... into this!
Not only do I applaud her penchant for thrift, but to churn out a new look every single day for a year? Wow. That's dedication.

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