Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Addicted to Cupcakes

Since Carrie Bradshaw & Co. introduced the world to Magnolia cupcakes, the craze for bite-sized bakery goods has taken the country by sugar-induced storm.

It baffles me how in the midst of recessionary woes and frugality that the cupcake industry, where one treat will set you back between two and three dollars, has managed not only to survive but flourish.

Perhaps it's the same mentality that justifies a morning latte or a candy bar from time to time. Sometimes we all have a desire to indulge, if only on the rarest of occasions.

Will the cupcake craze last? I certainly hope so (though any baked good is fine by me!). If not, I can only imagine the next food craze.

P.S. The picture to the right is of cupcakes my family had at Easter. Delicious!

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