Saturday, April 2, 2011

Design Your Own Dress

I'm always excited to learn about new developments in fashion. After all, as an industry, fashion is all about change. New designers, shapes, fabrics, media - the list goes on and on.

Bespoke fashion, or custom made clothing, is making a come back following the economic recession with an increased focus on quality of purchases. Mary Huang, an interactive designer, has released a new application called “Continuum” which gives anyone the chance to create their own garments.

According to Huang, the future of consumer products doesn’t just lie in more advanced technologies and materials, but also in the reevaluation of the conventional supply chain. Garments can be made to order in your exact measurements, exactly to a consumer's specification.

At the moment, Huang has created a prototype of the software as well as a few examples of dresses. With the help of Kickstart financing, she plans to finish the software and website and set up production to make the physical dresses and deliver them. Is this the future of fashion?

 Images via Ecouterre

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WhatMissLoves said...

WOAH! That is so awesome! I sure hope this actually becomes reality. Too neat!