Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mood Ring + Nail Polish

This makes two consecutive posts about nail polish, but I couldn't pass up this unique version. I've always had cold hands, my doctor blames poor circulation, which was awful during the winter, but perfect for mood rings. While most of my friends would busy themselves with trying to change the stone from an ugly brownish green to a striking purple, my ring would oscillate between deep and deeper blue.

Perfect Formula, the beauty gurus behind many other color changing products, have created a line of nail colors to match your mood not for the length of a typical manicure, but by the minute. Changes in body heat trigger the polish to transform from cool, deep tones to warm, bright colors. When we relax or are content, our body temperature cools. Excitement, nervousness, or anger causes the reverse and our body heats up. Other environmental factors, from taking a warm shower to holding a chilled glass, will also spark a transformation. Imagine all the possibilities!

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